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Chiropractic and My Family

Over time, I have posted many links and articles about different conditions and how Chiropractic can help those conditions.  Today, I wanted to share a personal story about Chiropractic in my family.

Like most Chiropractors, my kids were adjusted within minutes of being born.  Pretty much as soon as I had them on my chest skin to skin, and got over the amazement of what had just occurred, I was assessing them and providing adjustments.  Over the last three years, both my kids have received countless adjustments, not only by me, but also by some of my colleagues (for which I am very grateful).  The easiest time to adjust them was definitely when they were infants and were snuggled in on my chest.  As they have become toddlers, with a very independent sense of self, adjusting has not always been easy.  However, I still adjust them every time I get adjusted (which is about every two weeks), and any time in between that is needed.

They both know the routine that I tend to follow when I adjust them (as far as which area I adjust first, second, etc.), and promptly remind me if I have forgotten something or try to go “out of order” for whatever reason.  What makes me even happier is when my three year old and even my 21 month old, will ask to be adjusted.  There have been many days when my 3 year old asks “Mommy, can you adjust me?” and promptly lies down.

Recently, my son has been going through what we can only figure is cutting his last few teeth and/or some more developmental milestones, probably in regards to talking, and he hasn’t been sleeping well.  One night, he woke up in the middle of the night calling for me.  So I went into his room where he was sitting up in his bed.  I tried to get him to lie back down but he refused, repeating “cuddle, cuddle, cuddle”.  Being toddlers, neither one of my kids stay still for any length of time, so when they ask to cuddle, I always oblige, knowing myself that this too will end someday.  So I sat down next to my son’s bed (which is currently just a mattress on the floor as we are making the transition to a “big boy bed”), and opened my arms for him to come and cuddle.  As we are sitting there in the dark room, rocking ever so slightly, his head on my shoulder, my had rubbing his back, he all of a sudden reaches his hand out from between us, grabs my hand and says “adjust, adjust, adjust” and puts it on his sacrum (which is generally where I start the treatment).  Not wanting to disturb him too much, I adjusted his sacrum, low back and thoracic spine and was going to leave his neck for the morning when I could assess it better.  I started rubbing his back again, and gently rocking, and after about a minute he once again grabbed my hand, and said “neck, neck”.  I asked him if he wanted me to adjust his neck and his response was yes, so I proceeded to adjust his neck, asked him if he felt better (yes), and the laid him back down in his bed.   He went right back to sleep after that.

It really shouldn’t amaze me that kids even as young as mine are asking for adjustments.  Especially since I was adjusted throughout both of my pregnancies, and they were adjusted within minutes of birth, and continually through their short little lives thus far, but it still does.

I have always said that we can learn a lot from kids, their innocence, their honesty, their discovery of the world.  They instinctively know that they need to be adjusted, and ask for it.  They don’t know the science behind it, they don’t know why it helps, or why it makes them feel better, they just know it does.  Imagine if more of us instinctively listened to our bodies and took care of them.  Chiropractic would be a part of so many lives, helping so many people live their lives to the greatest wellness potential that we each have.

Everyone knows someone who can benefit from Chiropractic care.  Let’s face it, with only approximately 15% of the population currently utilizing Chiropractic care, there is a lot of room to grow.  In my professional Chiropractic life time, I would love to see that number grow.  Give the greatest gift this season and introduce someone to Chiropractic.  They will be surprised at the possibilities that await.

Chiropractic has been a part of my life for 16 years, and there are still things that amaze me every day!

Last updated: 12/11/2015
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