“Over a two-month period of treatments, my knee improved and my pain gradually disappeared.”

When spasms of pain behind my right knee increased to the point that my knee became unstable and it collapsed unpredictably, I consulted with Dr. Frederick as to what my problem might be and what my treatment might entail. Her most careful detailed diagnosis of my case, which she communicated in a most understandable fashion and her concrete outline of subsequent treatment impressed me.

For several weeks, Dr. Frederick combined ultrasound with manipulation of my knee, massaged and stretched my leg/knee ligaments and muscles and adjusted my lower back; she also demonstrated to me muscle strengthening exercises to keep my knee stable and to improve my core strength.  At each visit, Dr. Frederick listened closely to my observations, monitored my progress in terms of pain, flexibility and stability as well as encouraged and also instructed me with new exercises.

Over a two-month period of treatments, my knee improved and my pain gradually disappeared.  I did experience a couple of small setbacks, but Dr. Frederick was readily available to intervene immediately to correct any new difficulty.  I am very impressed with Dr. Frederick’s knowledgeable care and credit her thankfully with my continued level of high activity of distance walking, dancing, gardening and most importantly, lifting, carrying and playing with my grandchildren.

– S.L.

“She offers suggestions for exercises and stretching for good management between visits.”

I had been treated by the same chiropractor for about 40 years.  When he retired, I needed to find a new doctor and was a little apprehensive.  At my initial visit with Dr. Frederick, she asked many questions about my overall health which I appreciated as it was a way for her to get to know me as a patient.  Her method of treatment differed from what I was used to, but as time went on, seemed to be very effective for lasting well being.  She offers suggestions for exercises and stretching for good management between visits.  Dr. Frederick is very approachable and easy to talk to and I would gladly recommend her to anyone who is needing chiropractic treatment.

– Linda

“I have been pleased with the relief my treatments have given me. “

I have been with Dr. Frederick for about 8 months.  She was a referral from my Chiropractor who moved.  I have been pleased with the relief my treatments have given me. The various exercises that she suggested have also helped to strengthen my weak areas.  Also, Dr. Frederick, being a new graduate, is on the leading edge of chiropractic treatments and I have found this to be beneficial, especially the work done on my sinuses.

– Jane

Over the years, I have not concerned myself with chiropractic treatment, thinking it really wouldn’t do anything for me. However, after some terrible pain and difficulty with my neck, and compression resulting in nerve pain in my arms, I decided to give it a try.

My experience with Dr. Frederick was just what someone like me – a newbie – really needed. She did not come across as if she had all the answers, and was willing to encourage traditional medical treatment and testing for my concerns. Thankfully, her efforts did bring a release of the muscles and a return to normal use of my arms and neck.

I have found Dr. Frederick to be patient, concerned and interested in my overall health and wellness. Her approach, her patience and her compassion have made it easy for me to begin and continue a course of treatment that has helped me a great deal. I know that she can offer that same help to others, too.

– David B.

I have been a chiropractic patient for several years and a patient of Dr. Jessalynn Frederick’s since she began her practice.  I have benefitted greatly from regular chiropractic care.  I have found that I have less aches and pains, significantly fewer headaches, less stiffness, more energy and a stronger immune system.  Chiropractic has helped me to deal with the residual effects of a herniated/ruptured disk in my low back, enabling me to return to work, participate in a regular exercise program, walk without pain, travel, and generally go about my daily activities in a normal manner.  A stronger immune system has resulted in virtually no incidents of cold or flu or other illness over the last several years and, therefore virtually no work days lost to illness.

Dr. Frederick has a gentle touch when adjusting, and is very encouraging to me as a patient.  She listens to concerns, answers questions in a clear and knowledgeable manner and is always willing to provide as much information as I request.  Her enthusiasm for chiropractic and her desire to help her patients live a better, healthier life is obvious, and her friendly manner makes visits to her clinic a really pleasant experience.   Thank you, Dr. Frederick, for your continued excellent care!

– C.M.F.

Dear Dr. Frederick, thank you for the care you have provided me with since April 2010.  I never feel rushed.  With Parkinsons Disease, I can no longer rush.  You take your time, in what is best for me.  I never feel that I am being processed.  Yours truly,

– Flora Russell

Dear Dr. Jessalynn, I would like to thank you for the wonderful care you have provided me for treatment of sinus congestion and TMJ.  Your very thorough care is indeed, refreshing, when other Chirporactors are satisfied to provide “drive-thru” care.  Keep up your standards.  Respectfully submitted,

– Jamie Collins

Hi Dr. Frederick, your great care has allowed me to recover quickly from little injuries I have incurred playing Huff & Puff Hockey and get back on the ice!  Sincerely,

– Noble

Dear Dr. Frederick,

I wanted to say thank you for the help that you have given me and my family.

Initially, I came to you because I knew that you were certified in the Webster Technique.  I was 35 weeks pregnant and was trying to avoid major surgery by using this non-invasive method to help my baby turn from a breech position.

You put me at ease by taking the time to fully explain how you would correct any imbalances. As you worked to improve my situation, I relaxed and felt safe in your capable hands.

A few months later, I brought my newborn son for chiropractic care to see if you could help ease his discomfort from reflux/gas pain.  I believe that babies can sense the attitude of the person(s) who hold him or her and my son was no exception. I am impressed by how comfortable you are around babies.  Your gentleness and friendly nature came across and my son gave you many smiles of approval that he would not have easily given to strangers.

I have been to several chiropractors in the past who practice various techniques and truly I am amazed by the expertise that you have thus far. You maintain professionalism and are qualified to handle chiropractic care in a wide variety of situations.  I am glad that my family could meet you and be under your care.

– Michelle

When I moved to London I was looking for four things in a chiropractor and I found them all in Dr. Jessalynn Frederick. They are:

1. Pre and post adjustment stretching of the muscles
2. Superior interpersonal skills
3. Excellence in the knowledge of not only chiropractic but also of the   human body as a interrelated system.
4. Fair and reasonable rates for children

Thank you Dr. Frederick for all you do for my family and me.  I love to hear my children say, “Mom, my neck hurts it needs an adjustment can you please call the chiropractor?”

– J. Cumming

I began seeing Dr. Frederick in February 2010 for a stiff right shoulder. My right arm and hand were weak, and I was unable to use them much. It was thought I may have had a compressed nerve, but evaluation and further testing revealed that I had ALS. Dr. Frederick’s treatment brought back the range of motion in my shoulder, and I continue to see her to maintain. She also treats to help keep my lungs open to aid breathing. Dr. Frederick is very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and competent, and I feel I am in good hands with her. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a chiropractor.

– C.S.

I am a 75 year old man who was diagnosed with sciatica 3 years ago. I had intense pain in my left leg and hip. I could only walk short distances and was always looking for a place to sit down because I was so uncomfortable. Trying to find a good sleeping position was another painful adventure.  I was advised to seek physiotherapy. I had treatments for about two years but had limited relief. In frustration, I decided to find a chiropractor. By sheer luck, I found Dr. Frederick! She gave me several treatments and exercises to do and I am now virtually pain free. I continue doing 2 simple exercises she taught me, and I can now golf and do everything I could prior to my diagnosis.
Dr. Frederick is so personable and she listens to you!
Thank you Dr. Frederick for giving me my life back!!
– Bob Kingshott

We had a serious limping problem with our 5 year old high energy Portuguese water dog. Our vet did a lengthy investigation and recommended going to Guelph University pet hospital to find a solution. Thinking that there was a wrist, elbow or shoulder tendon issue or arthritis. Our personal chiropractor had just heard of Dr. Jessalynn Frederick and got her contact info for us so we could get a second opinion on Gus. I called and made an appointment as Gus was still limping very pronounced.  Two days later I dropped in with Gus.  He limped in an 10 mins later walked out with his normal gate.  She found he had a rib out in his back and when he reached ahead it hurt , giving the look as if there was something wrong with his front leg.  Our Gus loves to play hard and so we’ve put him on a once every 6 week tune up program which seems to keep him playing hard.  Side note….Gus is not a big fan of going to his groomer or his vet, but he pulls like a freight train out of the car to get in to see Dr J. So  I think he’s got it figured out.

Happy Client

Dr. Frederick is wonderful with our Dexter and also with Max, the dog we walk on a daily basis for a good friend!  Both Dexter and Max see her regularly, usually once per month.  Chiropractic has done wonders for Max, a senior Golden Retriever.  We notice he now has a better bounce is his step and far more movement in his hips.  Walks are much easier for him and more enjoyable thanks to Dr. Frederick. Getting in and out of the car is also much easier for him.  And our Dexter, a senior Jack Russell has also seen huge improvements.  For him, it is about “taming” the Jack Russell or should I say repairing the “damage” from chasing squirrels into our fence, which up until not too long ago happened on a daily basis, and displacing his shoulder or hip, or mis-aligning his neck.  Seeing Dr. Frederick has allowed Dexter to age more gracefully (well as much as a Jack Russell can!) and with far more mobility, less stiffness and less joint pain.  Chiropractic has also boosted Dexter’s moods and improved digestion, and when he has had dental surgery realigned his jaws and neck!  Now that he is blind, a recent development, he still has no problem finding the adjustment block in Dr. Frederick’s office and certainly less of a problem waiting for his treat! He is always eager to follow her into the adjustment room. You can see when Dr. Frederick is working with a pet, the joy and connection with them she feels! And her skills are invaluable! I would highly recommend her to anyone and highly recommend regular chiropractic for pets, from puppy-hood to senior “puppy-hood”.
-Mark & Linda MacKinnon along with Dexter & Max

Mickey wants to say Thanks for taking such good care of him and getting him to his 13th birthday with excellent health!