For a lot of people, having back pain can be very debilitating and they want to avoid it at all costs.  This week I am discussing ways to help you have and keep a healthy back.

Want a healthy back? Use the following tips to keep your back strong and healthy:

Work Your Muscles. If you want a strong back, you have to exercise your entire body. All the muscles in the body are interconnected. Strong back muscles are important in keeping your spine safe and in the right place, as are strong ab muscles, leg muscles, arms, etc. There are many activities and exercises that are beneficial.  Don’t hesitate to ask, we will be able to find something that works for you.

Practice Good Posture. Whether you are sleeping, standing, or sitting at your desk, you want to be properly aligned in your spine. Adjust pillows, computer screens and chairs to support your back’s health. Take breaks from any position you hold for long amounts of time to stretch your spine and neck. Good posture is a posture that is not static.  Keep changing your positions to decrease stress and tension on your body.

Lift Properly. When you pick something up, bend from the knees, not from the waist. When carrying any item over ten pounds, distribute the weight evenly from right to left and keep the load close to your body. Avoid bags that place all the weight on one shoulder, or shift the weight from side to side frequently.

Get Regular Bodywork. Chiropractic and massage work are both important aspects of good back health. These two treatments work well together to encourage the muscles in the back to support proper alignment of the spine and good overall function and movement.

Respond Properly to Back Pain. Don’t ignore back pain. While it is important to keep moving, it is important to make sure you are doing so in pain free motions.  Relative rest, relative movement, don’t sit too long, don’t stand too long, don’t lie too long.  Make sure to visit your chiropractor or massage therapist to receive treatment and help you to deal with your back issues.

Chirorpactors help patients with back pain every day.  If you would like to start your journey to a healthy back, don’t hesitate to reach out.