We are almost half way through the year so this week I thought I would ask a question…What was your New Year’s Resolution?  Do you remember?  This would be a good time to revisit it, revise it and keep going.  In part 1 of this post I am going to give you 6 suggestions on what you can eat.  In A Healthy Year Part 2 I will give you 3 suggestions on “what you can do”.

What you can eat:

  1. Taking a fish oil supplement such as Omega 3 FAtty Acid or eating fish at least twice a week can help to decrease pain and inflammation in the body.
  2. Try adding spices or combining different foods to help enhance the flavour of your food as opposed to adding salt.  This change will give you a well rounded diet and improve your sense of taste over time.  Salt or Sodium increases your blood pressure, cravings for more salt, dulls the taste buds, and dehydrates you.  Excess salt can also increase your risk for heart disease and stroke.
  3. Switch to skim milk and low fat dressing.  Making this simple change can help cut inches from your mid-section and help improve your cholesterol levels
  4. Buy cereals that contain fiber rather than sugary cereals.  Fiber improves the transit time of harsh chemical in your digestive system, helping prevent colon cancer and other intestinal diseases.  Adding soluble fiber such as the fiber found in fruits like apples and pears will help increase the bulk of your waste excretion , decrease constipation, and help with weight loss.
  5. Cut down on coffee and tea.  These caffeine heavy drinks leach calcium from your bones, increasing the risk of bone breaks later in life.  Over time, they can also make you feel sluggish, irritable and more sensitive to pain in your joints and muscles.  Supplementing with green tea is a health alternative which gives you a boost in metabolism, energy, and antioxidants.
  6. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day will improve your total body functioning, as we require it for every process in the body.