As many of you know, my practice is quite diverse.  I am both a licensed Chiropractor and a Certified Animal Chiropractor.  My youngest patient outside of my own kids has been only days old, with my oldest being well into their 90’s.   On the animal side, I get to treat quite the spectrum as well.  Young puppies only 6-7 weeks old, up to 17-year-old dogs.  Small, fit in your hand dogs, up to Irish Wolfhound size.  The elite world agility dog, and the everyday house pet.

Yesterday, I got to treat another one of my favourite animals.  This is Johan (Revival). He is a jumper that I started treating last fall.

Chiropractic on animals can be used for a variety of different situations, just like in humans.  There are many athletes that use Chiropractic regularly to make sure they are in the best shape possible to be able to perform optimally.  For Revival, a very athletic horse, I have been providing regular maintenance treatments, to keep him in tip-top shape, to keep him moving freely, so that he is in the best overall health, to allow him to perform optimally.

I am excited to be able to be part of his team and see the success that he is having.  Yesterday was one last treatment before he heads off to prepare for The Royal Winter Fair!

  to Johan(Revival).  I hope that you jump high, jump fast, and jump well!

For more information, visit my Animal Chiropractic page, or contact me directly with any questions.