Your daily routine can sometimes feel very overwhelming!  I know that sometimes, getting the kids ready and out the door in the morning, preparing for my own day and getting into the office on time can feel like I have already completed a full day’s activities!  

Even though some days at 8 AM you are wishing it was 8 PM, it is important not to let the day get ahead of you and remember to take proper breaks throughout the day to maintain your productivity and decrease your stress levels. Going for a short walk to get some fresh air can help to boost your energy and clear your mind to help you refocus. Exercise for 3 minutes or 30 minutes in the middle of the day will not only help to keep you active overall, but will also help to get you through that midday hump. Putting the proper nutrients in your body by eating a balanced meal with help to keep your energy up and decrease fatigue.  These 3 simple things will help you to have the energy to tackle your day and be present for the ones you love when you get home.