Did you know that a headache that starts from an issue in the neck is called a cervicogenic headache? Cervicogenic headaches can be common when spending long hours at the computer every day.  When you are sitting and looking at a computer screen for an extended period of time, it often results in tightness across the shoulders, a stiff neck and poor posture. 

To help break the cycle, we can help you address the cause.  Staying well hydrated with water, making sure your workstation is set up properly, and getting up to move and stretch at least once an hour are all effective ways to help reduce your headache risk. 

If you are still struggling with headaches, over 70% of people with cervicogenic headaches find significant relief with Chiropractic treatment.  Don’t continue to suffer. Reach out today and I will be happy to do an assessment to help you find the best options for treatment and exercises for your specific case.