Season’s greetings, in this month’s newsletter we are making sure we protect our backs when it comes to shoveling [1]. Dr. Frederick has also added a video for everyone to have a look at.

Stay Safe this Holiday Season

When you consider that a shovelful of snow weighs 5 to 7 pounds, you realize how much weight you have to lift to clear your sidewalk or driveway — on average, several hundred pounds!

These tips will help keep your back in top shape.

Don’t let the snow pile up:

If the weather report calls for several days of snow, frequent shovelling will allow you to move smaller amounts of snow at once.

Pick the right shovel:

Use a lightweight push-type shovel. If you are using a metal shovel, spray it with Teflon first, so snow won’t stick to it.

Push, don’t throw:

Always push the snow to the side rather than throwing it. That way you avoid lifting heavy shovelfuls of snow, and sudden twisting or turning movements.

Bend your knees:

If you find you have to lift a shovelful of snow, use your knees and your leg and arm muscles to do the pushing and lifting while keeping your back straight.


Before tackling any strenuous activity take the time to warm up with some overall conditioning (a 10- to 15-minute walk, even on the spot, should do it), followed by some simple stretching.

Take a break:

If you feel tired or short of breath, stop and take a rest. Shake out your arms and legs. Stop shovelling immediately if you feel chest pain or back pain. If you have back pain that is severe or that persists for more than a day after shovelling, see a chiropractor. If you have chest pain that is severe, see a medical doctor immediately.

Stay hydrated:

Don’t be fooled by the temperature! Your active body needs plenty of fluids even though it’s cold outside. Be sure to drink lots of water or juice before, during and after any outside activity.


If you are planning on doing any travelling this holiday season, Watch Dr. Frederick’s video on making the trip a little more comfortable. Click full screen to watch the video below on Dr. Frederick’s travel tips.


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