Did you know that there are 33 individual bones that connect with each other to form the spinal column?  These bones called vertebrae are numbered and divided into regions: Cervical or neck (C1-C7), Thoracic or mid back (T1-T12), Lumbar or low back (L1-L5), Sacrum, and Coccyx (Tailbone).  Chiropractors adjust the spine to ensure proper and optimal movement throughout the entire spine.  But, it doesn’t stop there!  Your spine is not the only area in your body that Chiropractors can adjust.  There are 206 bones in an adult.  Any of the joints made by these 206 bones can be addressed by the Chiropractor.  People are often surprised when they mention that they have had knee pain, wrist pain, or elbow pain, and I say that I can assess and offer treatment for a joint that is not the spine.  In most individuals eyes we are “spine specialists”, however, we also have so much more to offer!  So next time you are in the office, don’t be afraid to mention other things that may be causing you discomfort.  You may be pleasantly surprised that we can offer you help.