Anyone that has experienced shoulder pain in the past will tell you that even the most routine everyday activities can become very difficult due to pain. However, avoiding using your arm when you have shoulder pain thinking that it will help it heal can actually be a mistake and lead to more pain or possibly even a frozen shoulder.  Many of you have heard me say that relative rest, relative movement is the way to go when you are trying to heal from an injury or pain.  The shoulder is not different.

Controlled movement is one of the best ways to heal.  Your shoulder and spine work closely together.  Research has shown that postural abnormalities play a role in the likelihood of developing shoulder pain.  Maintaining full range of motion in your shoulders, neck and mid back can help reduce your chances of having shoulder pain.  

If you have been living with shoulder pain, be sure to reach out. There are many different treatment options that are available to help you get back to doing your everyday activities with ease.