The end of the summer and going into fall is an amazing time of year for most of us.  It signals the beginning of new adventures as students return to classes and the end of another season of gardening and summer trips.

As the weather turn cooler, many of us like to get outside and enjoy exercise without fighting the heat andhumidity.  London has many trails to enjoy with or without our furry compainions;

  1. Thames Valley Parkway
  2. Kilally Meadow Trails
  3. Westminster Ponds
  4. Warbler Woods
  5. Meadowlily Woods
  6. Sifton Bog
  7. Kiwanis Park
  8. Springbank Park
  9. Medway Valley Forest
  10. Kains Woods
  11. Lower Dingman
  12. Longwoods Road Conservation ARea
  13. Fanshaw Conservation Area
  14. Komoka Provincial Park