Low back pain is a broad term that can mean many things to different people.  While some types of back pain are due to a muscular sprain/strain injury in the low back and can be resolved quickly and efficiently with proper treatment and rehabilitation, other types of pain are more complicated.

One of the more common problems chiropractors see is a lumbar disc herniation.  This occurs when a disc in your spine bulges and the soft centre of the disc can actually herniate out into the spinal canal where the lumbar spinal nerve roots sit.  This is problematic because not only is it extremely painful in the low back region, but it can also cause varying degrees of numbness and tingling in the buttock and down the back of the thigh as far as the foot.

Low back pain can also come from one of the main joints in the pelvis, the sacroiliac joint.  When this joint is irritated, either due to postural asymmetries or from an injury, it can cause pain in the low back, buttock, and hip which may worsen with forward or backward bending movements, or going from seated to standing positions.

Chiropractors are low back pain specialists who are extremely well-trained in understanding the anatomy, biomechanics, and various musculoskeletal conditions affecting that region.  Chiropractors are able to proficiently examine and diagnose low-back complaints and are well-equipped with a variety of extremely effective, evidence-based treatments for low back pain sufferers.