Do you realize how valuable your joints are? Your joints help you move, they flex your fingers to grasp the hand of a significant other, they  allow you to extend your arms and embrace the ones that you love, as well as help you move through all the activities you enjoy doing.

But what about when our joints aren’t on their best most loving behavoir? What happens when they ache, and why is this noticed  especially when the weather changes?

We have 360 joints in the human body (slightly less in your four-legged canine companions), and most of them are sensitive to barometric  pressure. The nerves that are in and around the joints will sense the changes in pressure and send a signal to the brain that could result in achiness or discomfort in the joints. When there is inflammation in the area, for example from arthritis or a previously injured joint, the  nerves and joints can be more sensitive to these changes.

Here are some ways to show your joints some love:

  • Eating anti-inflammatory food. Focus on foods that are more plant derived as they have less inflammatory properties. For your four- legged friends your should talk to your veterinarian to get the right food for your pet.
  • Get moving! Your joints are surrounded by fluid that keeps them lubricated and moving well. The more you move, the more the fluid  soaks and soothes the joints. This is the same for your canine companion. Just remember that motion is the lotion.
  • Supplements such as fish oils and those that contain glucosamine and chondroitin will help to support the joints and keep them  healthy by providing nourishment to the joint, cartilage and joint fluid. For your furry friends, ask your veterinarian what would be  appropriate supplements to consider.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. This is the holy grail of joint health. Being aware of portion size (for both you and your pet), the type of  food that you are eating, as well as getting regular exercise will help maintain a healthy body weight and decrease the overall stress on the joints.
  • Of course receiving regular Chiropractic care that includes adjustments, mobilizations, soft tissue work and exercises can aid in helping with any discomfort that you or your beloved pet may be experiencing.

At the end of the day, natural wear and tear on your joints over your lifetime is going to happen, but there are many things that you can do  to arm yourself and your pet with the best chance to enjoy a long comfortable life.

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In Honour of St. Valentine, we would like to show our patients some LOVE!

The last couple of yeards have been tough on everyone.  We are so greatful to our wonderful patients who have trusted us through these trying times and continue to come in for treatment.  We have continued to work hard in order to keep teh staff and patients safe, to keep the office open with all the frequent changes, and to continue to offer the wonderful care that you have come to know.  We wanted to thank you for showing us the love by showing you some love.  Do you have an appointment booked for March?  If not, you should.  March is going to be Patient Appreciation Month!  Everyday that we are in the office in March, each patient that books and attends a chiropractic (including pet) or massage appointment that day, will be enetered into a draw fora  gift card.  That is 25 days of parreciation!  At the end of the month, every patient that has booked and attended an appointment during the month of March will be entered into a SUPER APPRECIATION DRAW!  More details to follow at the end of this month on our social media platforms and in the office.

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