In the past I have done a post on goal setting at the beginning of the year.  Let’s face it, that is when most people set their goals.  It seems like a logical time, the roll over of a new year, a new beginning. Why not?  This year, I decided to do a goal check in ½ way through the year. So here we are, it is the end of June.  How are you making out?  

I can feel the panic coming through the screen right now!  Maybe you set your goals and forgot about them.  Maybe you were struggling with them and gave up on them. Or Maybe you have crushed your goals.  I am here to tell you that all of those scenarios are OK!  Take a moment to take a couple of deep breaths.  Inhale…..Exhale…..Inhale….Exhale….good! Now, I am going to let you in on a secret…….if you have forgotten about your goals or were struggling and gave up on them, DON’T WORRY. Take some time now, to reassess and re-set.  Take a moment to go back to a video post I did on January 5th 2021 about hitting the reset button.  If you have crushed your goals already, Congratulations!  Now, here’s a secret…. You don’t have to wait until January to set some new goals!  How about setting some goals for the second half of the year?  You can do it! Break the mold! Think outside the box!  Go against the norm! Have fun with it.  Just remember to make them SMART goals-Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Sensitive.