As we age, it is important to keep moving.  Check out this week’s quick tip to discover three things that you can do to continue to be health as you age.

  1. Brisk Walking-Walking doesn’t require any extra equipment apart from supportive shoes.  Taking a walk every day is a simple and effective way to help maintain your balance and strength.
  2. Strength Training-Strength training is important for maintaining your body’s functions and your independence.  You don’t need to have a gym membership. There are many exercises you can do at hoe using your own body weight or resistance bands.
  3. Stretching-Stretching helps you move more freely and can improve your flexibility.  Having flexibility helps you with daily tasks, such as bending to tie your shoelaces.

An easy stretch is stretching the calf muscle, which is the muscle on the back of the lower leg.

  1. Hinge forward at your hips
  2. Step forward with your left foot, keeping your back as flat as possible
  3. Reach forward with your left arm and grab the ball of your left foot or as far down the leg as you can/are comfortable with.  For help balancing, you can rest your right hand over your bent right knee
  4. Flex your left foot and gently pull on it with your hand.  You should feel a stretching sensation along your calf and up through the back of your thigh
  5. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds. Then repeat with your other leg