In this weeks quick tip, Lorrain Tangen, our Registered Massage Therapist answers another question that she commonly gets asked:

It’s my first massage treatment, what can I expect?

The Massage therapist will go over your health history form that you have filled out. They will address areas of concern, perform or have the client perform specific movements with or without some pressure.

They will then go on to explain the areas that will be treated, and receive proper consent.

The massage therapist will instruct the client on how to undress to their own comfort level.  Most clients, depending on areas being worked on, will undress down to their underwear. Clients will always be covered except for the area being treated. The Massage therapist will also instruct the client how to be positioned on the table.

Throughout the actual treatment, the therapist will check in regarding pressure and comfort level. Massage should never be so painful  that one needs to hold their breath.