Happy New Year! With the turn of the calendar, many people decide that now is the time to make resolutions and set some goals.

The top three most common goals for the New Year relate to health.  Diet/eat healthier, exercise more, and lose weight. While these are great things to try and achieve, goals and resolutions can be related to anything in life. Your career, financial goals, education, family, attitude, or volunteer work.  The most important thing is that the goals you set need to be SMART. That is Specific (or Significant), Measurable (or Meaningful), Achievable (or Action-Oriented), Realistic (or Relevant/Rewarding), and Time Sensitive (Trackable).

Breaking the goal down into manageable pieces and smaller time frames will help you feel more successful as well. Write down your “big goal”. “I want to……”, then work with that to make it realistic, achievable and put a time frame on it. Break it down into quarterly, and monthly goals. Then ask yourself what you can do today or this week to help you reach your goal. You can also create a monthly, weekly and daily focus to help keep you on track.  Make the process work for you.

It is important to state each goal as a positive statement. For example, “Execute this technique well” is much a much better goal than “Don’t make stupid mistakes”.

Be precise-this is where the SMART acronym comes in.

Set priorities-If you have several goals, give each of them a priority so that you are not overwhelmed by having too many goals on the go at once.

Write down your goals-This will give you some accountability.

Set performance goals, not outcome goals-It is important to set goals that you have as much control over as possible.  It can be discouraging to fail to achieve a goal for reasons that are beyond your control.

The other thing that is important to remember is not to be afraid to hit the reset button.  For more information, check out the first quick tips video post of 2021. Quick Tip-Hitting the Reset Button Video

Office Contest

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