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As you read this month’s newsletter, more than likely you are on your phone or tablet. Take a moment to notice your posture. Did you immediately sit up when I mentioned posture? Chances are that your back was hunched, your head was tilted forward and your shoulders were rounded.

Our lives today revolve around being connected. Because of that, we spend a lot of time on our phones as we text our friends, scroll through social media and respond to emails. Did you know that at just 15 degrees of forward flexion you are adding 27 pounds of extra weight from your head? And at 60 degrees of flexion that is an extra 60 pounds of weight!

That is a lot of stress that adds up over time.

Since our hand-held devices are not going anywhere anytime soon, take a look at the tips below to help change how you are using your devices and take some of the stress off your neck.[1]

  1. Take a break! Holding up your phone for extended periods of time can significantly increase the strain in the muscles of your shoulders, arms and fingers. Makes sure to take a break and give your arms a rest.
  2.  The 20-20-20 rule. Make sure to give your eyes a break as well. Every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds to look about 20 feet away.
  3. Change positions frequently
  4. Aim Higher-Raise your phone or tablet up closer to eye level to reduce the strain on your neck. If you are binge-watching something on your tablet or phone, make sure to prop it up against something so that your shoulders and arms can relax.
  5. Stretch it out-make sure to stretch your neck with gentle range of motion exercises.

Feeling Drained?

This time of year can be very tough on people. The holiday rush and excitement is over, you are getting back into your normal everyday routine, the weather is quite dreary, the days are short. You are generally feeling very drained of energy. What can be harder to recognize is chronic energy drain which leaves you experiencing an increasing lack of get up and go for many of the activities that you used to love.

[2]Fear not! The Ontario Chiropractic Association has come up with some great tips to help increase your energy.

  1. Keep Moving. Increasing physical activity actually increases energy.  Focus on daily activity, not just “exercise”. Think of things that you can do during your day to create opportunities for activity. For example, take the stairs, park farther away from the store, or do some housework.
  2. Sleep Tight. Making time for sleep and having good sleep hygiene is essential to feeling alert and ready to take on the day.
  3. Nourish yourself. It is important to fuel your body throughout the day to maintain energy levels. Many people often skip meals and wonder why they are tired in the afternoon. Skipping meals can cause blood sugar swings often resulting in fatigue. Nutritious, energy-packed snacks in between your meals can also help to maintain your blood sugar and keep your energy up.
  4. De-Stress. One of the biggest energy zappers is STRESS! Stress can leave you both mentally and physically exhausted. Don’t forget about “me time”. Taking care of yourself and working in some relaxing activities will help to counter the energy killer. Exercise helps to burn off the chemical effects of stress and anger, or you could find some relief in quite pleasures such as listening to music or reading a book.
  5. Get some sun. The body makes vitamin D after exposure to the sun which can help with physical performance and improved mood. It can be hard this time of year to get at least 10 minutes of unprotected exposure of sun 3 times a week, so you can also consider taking a vitamin D supplement.
  6. Pain-Free Movement. This is also a great energy booster! If headache, back, neck or shoulder pain is slowing you down, consider visiting a Chiropractor for treatment recommendations to reduce your aches and pains, and energize your day.

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Benefits of Receiving Regular Massage Therapy:

[3]This month, Lori has provided some great information about the benefits of getting regular massages over the year.  Read below to find out how you can benefit from regular treatment:

  1.  Relieves the effects of stress; decreases cortisol and insulin levels, increases endorphins and helps with better night sleep
  2. Improves Circulation; improves overall nutrition of tissue and blood vessels, improves blood flow, increases oxygen, helps to lower blood pressure
  3. Increases Immunity; stimulates the production of white blood cells, improves lymphatic circulation which causes cleaner blood to defend against infection, disperses lactic acid and other waste products
  4. Prevents muscle strain; reduces muscle tension, increases circulation and oxygen to tissues to aid in healing, stimulates joint fluid production and flexibility of connecting tissue, decreases pain and need for some pharmaceuticals
  5. Improves posture; allows less restriction and for the body to structurally align more naturally, decrease muscle fatigue resulting in less joint compressions, reduces the effects of postural patterns.   ie: sitting at a desk or heavy lifting extending active lifestyle.


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