We have almost made it through another winter! A few more weeks and spring will officially be upon us.

March 19, 2020 is officially the first day of spring, and with spring comes along spring cleaning of the inside and outside of our homes. This month we are looking at how we can position ourselves while performing these chores to help avoid injury and even get a little work out in.

Plant and Rake Without the Ache

[1]When working outside cleaning up the yard and getting the gardens ready for planting. We want to plant and rake without the ache. Consider stretching before you start.

Areas to consider stretching are sides, thighs, hamstrings, wrists, shoulders and back.  Here is a quick link to help you with these stretches.


Once you are have stretched. The correct moves will help in preventing injury while you work. Remember these tips:

Alternate between Heavy/Light, Heavy/Light. That’s the correct way to handle those chores.

Change hands taken the strain off by changing the position of your hands.

Check your position and change it often. Kneel, then stand or simply sit and relax for a while.

Lift right, make sure your back is straight and always bend with your knees. Carry the load close to your body, and avoid heavy lifting immediately after bending or kneeling.

Rake right, ease the strain on your back by putting one leg in front, then the other behind. Switch legs and hands from time to time.

Kneel to plant, use knee pads or a kneeling mat to reduce the strain while you plant and weed. Keep your back straight and take breaks frequently.

Spring Cleaning

[2] Here are some other tips for getting a little exercise, while doing housework

  • Put on some fast music — rock and roll, salsa, whatever you like. This helps you pick up speed,
  • Whenever you’re doing chores, tighten your abs. This prevents you from slouching.
  • Stretch extra-high to knock down those cobwebs or prune that limb. You should feel it along your side
  • Strive for large up-and-down movements. When cleaning a shower door, for example, make big circles.
  • Carry heavy baskets of laundry or supplies up from the basement, if your conditioning allows.
  • Climb on a stepladder every chance you get. It like a step class.
  • Scrub floors on your hands and knees. And get on your hands and knees to pull out all that dust and clutter hiding under the bed.
  • Do lunges while vacuuming (keep toes pointed straight ahead, and don’t bend your knees further than 90 degrees). You’ll feel it in your thighs.
  • When putting away dishes, face forward and twist to reach the cabinets.

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