Summer Body Care

With the warm weather the last couple of days, it is a good reminder that summer is fast approaching. This week we are giving tips on how to take care of your body this summer.

Drink Lots of Water-Regulates body Temp, Aids in muscle function, Heart health, Healthier skin appearance, Flushing out environmental toxins.

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables-Getting locally grown produce at Farmer’s Markets ensures the freshest food while supporting local farmers. Maximize mineral and nutrient intake by eating fresh, locally grown foods. Healthy fuel for your body to maintain body weight. Improves immune system function. And fresh food tastes amazing!

Enjoy Time Outside-Sunlight is needed to make Vitamin D. Sunlight Helps treat and prevent depression and some types of cancer. Sunburns can cause premature aging, cancer and dehydration so use sunscreen when outside for extended periods of time, clothing and shady areas.

Stay Active-Improves immune system function. Maintains healthy weight. Overall wellness is improved with regular activity. Getting outside and out of our homes and gym to swim, bike, hike etc. will be fun!

Down time
Take a break! After busy days, it’s important to give sore muscles a chance to relax and recover. Take a bath, read a good book, or have a massage to prevent chronic stress from negatively impacting your daily life.

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