Did you know that looking down at your phone can add an extra 60lbs of pressure on your spine! Here are some tips from the Ontario Chiropractic Association to help decrease text neck strain:

Take frequent breaks

Taking frequent breaks and looking up from your device can provide your neck with some relief from the pressure of looking down. You can also do some chin tuck exercises while you are taking breaks from looking down.

Sit up straight

It is important to sit up straight while texting. This way you can maintain good posture, relieving your back and shoulders from the strain of being hunched over. Good posture is important to every aspect of our lives, it helps us breathe better, it makes us look better and helps to make us feel better and more confident.

Hold the phone a little higher

Holding the phone closer to eye level helps maintain a healthy posture and puts less strain on the neck.


Be sure to stretch often between long periods of extended use of devices. You can rotate your shoulders with your arms by your sides to relieve tension. You can also tuck your chin down to your neck and then look up – this helps to relieve some of the tension in your neck built from the common forward-down position you adopt when looking at your device. Bruegger’s postural relief exercises are another good option to help.  

Talk to your Chiropractor today to help you with stretches and exercises to relieve text neck strain.