Did you know that it only takes 8-10 mm of Hg to decrease normal nerve transmission?  That is the weight of a dime!  Your nerves send information from your brain to your body and back again.  Depending on the role, thickness, and sheath covering, some nerves can send signals at speeds exceeding 200mph.  When you are talking about important functions like telling your heart how many times to beat/minute, this is really important.  Neves also send messages to your muscles to tell them how and when to contract so that you can move. If there is pressure on the nerves from tight muscles, vertebral disc injuries, or even from inflammation that has accumulated from an injury, this slows down nerve transmission and thus optimal function.  Except in the case of injury, sustained pressure or stretch on the nerves doesn’t usually produce symptoms immediately, detrimental effects usually grow silent until a crisis occurs and you are in pain.

Regular visits to your Chiropractic will allow them to assess your spine, and muscles, and provide a treatment plan so that you and your nervous system is functioning optimally.