You have likely heard the song walk like an Egyptian, however in the winter time when there is snow and ice on the ground, it is important to walk like a penguin. The penguin waddle helps to Walk slowly and carefully. Wear appropriate footwear like boots or other slip-resistant footwear.

  • Use special care when getting in and out of vehicles, even in parking garages. Use the vehicle for support if you need to.
  • Watch for slippery floors when you enter or exit any buildings, including your home.
  • Try to avoid carrying items or walking with your hands in your pockets.  This can reduce your ability to catch yourself if you lose your balance. Instead, carry a backpack if you have one.
  • Watch out for black ice, wet leaves, and snow banks.
  • Tap your foot on potentially slick areas to see if the areas are slippery.
  • Take shorter, shuffle-like steps, to maintain balance.  Walk like a penguin.
  • Avoid uneven surfaces if possible. Avoid steps or curbs with ice on them.
  • Do not rush.  Ensure you take the safest route.

The Penguin waddle helps keep a safer center of gravity. 

Just remember to walk like a penguin!