Winter can seem really long and dreary. The days are shorter, it can be hard to get out of bed in the morning when you are all warm and toasty. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore your spine! We tend to be more sedentary in the winter, staying inside, curling up on the couch and reading or binge watching your favourite show.  This may seem harmless, however, being sedentary, or having poor static posture can have a negative impact on your spine.

Although when you are trying to stay warm, spinal health may be the last thing on your mind, there are many things you can do to both keep yourself warm and your spine healthy during the winter.

If you do choose to curl up with a book, make sure to take breaks and stand up and move around.  If you are watching your favourite show or movie, use that opportunity to do some work in the same  room like folding laundry or doing some light housework like dusting. This will keep you moving warm you up, and keep your spine moving.

You can also download the Straighten up app which has suggestions on simple exercises and stretches to keep you warm and moving.  You can use the app to set reminders prompting you to sit right, take breaks and stay hydrated. It also features a short stretching program to improve spinal health, stabilize core muscles and enhance health.

When in doubt, put on some music and have a dance party!  Something that happens frequently at our house!